Long before The Thirteen Years War took place, there was a boy by the name of Salm. Salm didn't have friends, he refused to go out. He spent his days with his beloved charmeleon, who he saw as a brother. They did everything together, they were inseperable. But then one day everything changed. Salm learned how to hunt, and quickly aquired a liking to the killing. He soon went after his beloved charmeleon, stabbing it with his fathers steel dagger. The charmeleon looked Salm in the eye with anger, and then Salm realized the error of what he has been doing vowing to never again touch a weapon. Well soon after that quickly changed because the Thirteen Years War had begun and Paeken needed soldiers. He was drafted and served in the 976th Legion under captain Fanek. Salm began noticing strange things, shadows in the corner of his eye, footsteps to the left, the right, behind him. He felt that he was going insane! But he brushed it off every time, thinking it to be in his mind. Then the horrible night on the Ashe, when a fellow knight Clemant awoke the small group of soldiers to see a bloody sack of gold. Well as they followed Salm couldn't help but notice that a charmeleon was hiding in near the main mast, and the sight brought back memories he tried to forget of the night he murdered his own. Well on they went to find the sack of gold and soon Salm noticed that the charmeleon was following, except it would disappear, it was no where yet everywhere at the same time. When the group reached the location and found in place of a sack of gold two of their squad members, the group heard a loud screech. Salm turned to be face to face with a bloody charmeleon. This was no ordinary charmeleon, it was his own, his brother, his best friend, and then it hit him! The charmeleon was there to avenge itself for the traitorous act against it. Salm had no choice but to raise his sword against his old friend and defend himself from its sharp claws. But the charmeleon was quicker then Salm and he was quickly taken down, being torn apart. It is rumored that the charmeleon roams Paeken along with Pardossa's Black Knights. Some say you may even hear a horrible screech from within the walls.

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