Councils: serve 50 years

Kaream Council: 0-50

The Kaream council was lead by Geal Kaream. The Kaream council was responsible for ending slavery in the year 42. Many people believe this council to be the most effective of the five councils simply because they were able to pass laws that benifited  the people of Naiees.

Oeal Council: 50-100

The Oeal council was lead by Jaesk Oeal. The Oeal council was directly responsible for the events of the Naosian Scandal, making many believe that this council was the worst of the five. 

Hedel Council: 100-150

The Hedel Council was lead by Kaeo Hedel. The Hedel council was responsible for trying to bring peace to the region during the early stages of the Thirteen Years War. While they failed to prevent the war, the council was able to pass a rations law.

Mekaoe Council: 150-200

The Mekaoe Council was lead by Iesa Mekaoe. The Mekaoe council was not able to do much during the first twelve years of its service. After the war the council had made native temples sacred landmarks and approved a war proposal for the forgotten Kalphonic Wars.

Feser Council: 200-Present

The current council is lead by Diace Feser. The Feser council has so far been responsible for starting the second Civil War, allowing King Demaos to gain control of Naosa and 

Year 0-232

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