This topic is heavily debated by the older generation. No one really knows who assassinated King Danforth and his crew. But what the region agreed on was they robbed the world of the best naval general. Some say Paeken paid the natives to do it, which in turn caused King Gagon to launch the native campaign, seeing as how they helped kill King Hayen as well. Others say a group of rebels known as the Pol'Kep crept on board and sliced everyones neck, causing Pardossa's leaders to round up Pol'Kep members and execute them. The older generation may debate about who assassinated Danforth, but the ones from Pardossa agree on one thing, they were nervous as they saw Danforth's personal ship, The Lovely Lady, slide into port without a crew, without a smiling face or waving hands of soldiers glad to be home. Most that spoke of the horrific day say they will never get the image of the crews faces, covered in blood, with a strange symbol on it. King Danforth and his crew died in the year 157 during The Month of Songs.

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