Much of this topic is heavily debated between the older generation. King Hayen was the Head General of Kaardocia's army. He was the toughest of the high ranking officers and beat his men until the words "No retreat, No surrender" were burned into their memory. Hayen was on patrol near Paeken borders when he was ambushed by Paeken's Elite Guard and native people. The fight lasted two hours as Paeken troops advanced on Hayen's soldiers. Hayen had a chance to run back towards his camp where he would recieve aid but he chose to stay, and his soldiers did too. They finally found an enemy worthy of giving them an honorary death. Hayen made one bold move that ended the battle, he ordered a charge at the native soldiers, not knowing Paeken troops lay in wait close by. By the time Hayen's soldiers realized they ran to their death, it was to late. In the year 158 during The Month of Winds, King Hayen and his soldiers were killed and recieved what they believed to be an honorary death.

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