Kaardocia once had many dragons. These same dragons helped illuminate the sky during The Month of Festivity. They also helped deliver messages to Kaardocia's sister kingdom, Pardossa. These dragons breathed fire, not ice and were not used to such low temperatures. Because of this they were kept indoors during blizzards and the snow season. In the year 174, a powerful blizzard was ravaging Kaardocia's lands. The door of the Dragon Pit swung right open allowing the dragons to fly out. It took an hour for the blizzard to being affecting the dragons and one by one they landed on a field, next to each other. Any person can claim to be an expert and say these dragons didn't have enough sense to know what was going to happen, but these dragons knew in their minds that they were dying. As they communicated with those that landed far from the group, they eventually moved in. These dragons were the only family they ever had and if they died, they would all die together. The next few days when the blizzard calmed down the bodies were discovered and were buried on the site, later with their tamers being buried next to the dragons they once called friends. 

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