Lead: Kaardcia (formerly), Chelic

Born: 116

Died: 157

Ruled: 134-157


King Danforth was born in year 116 during The Month of Festivity and grew up with his cousin King Gagon and his brother King Hayen. They share similar memories of the past since they went everywhere with each other. Danforth was outgoing and easily made friends during his childhood. At the age of 18 in year 134 he took the throne along with Gagon and Hayen. He recieved the royal protector named Vorona.He was the second oldest of the ruling pair. In the year 139 Danforth was sent to build a castle for the seas and set to do so. He remained at his castle until year 148 when the Thirteen Years War began. Hayen asked Danforth for support in the seas since Chelic had the regions most powerful navy. Towards the end of the war, in year 157, Danforth and his crew were assassinated aboard Danforths personal Galleon. He died at the age of 41 during The Month of Songs. Although he didn't live to see the wars end, his legacy will remain in the walls of his kingdom.

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