Lead: Kaardocia

Born: 115

Died: 176

Ruled: 134-176


King Gagon was the one responsible for the Thirteen Years War. He was born in year 115 during the Month of Great Floods, taking the throne in year 134 at the age of 19. He was the oldest of the ruling pair. During his childhood, Gagon was an athletic boy, always looking for ways to impress his love. He was given the royal protector named Articuno. Gagon was an only child, leaving the throne open to his cousins as well. He and his two cousins were always at work expanding The kingdom of Kaardocia , until one day Gagon sent King Danforth to build and rule the kingdom of Pardossa. Gagon was very prideful, and didn't think kingdoms should hold secrets, also thinking that if a kingdom were to hold a secret, it could very well be against his kingdom. When word got out that Paeken, along with the Paeken denying Kaardocia the right to eliminate the natives, held a secret in year 148, Gagon sent his army to their doorstep, starting the Thirteen Years War and changing the region forever. After the terrible war he went on to have a son, King Lothomma. After the heartache of losing his best friends, his cousins King Danforth and King Hayen, he didn't want his son to experiance the same pain. Gagon chose to make his son to be the sole ruler, he changed Kaardocia law to allow only one king at the throne. He also ordered any documents from the Thirteen Years War be hidden until his son's death, to keep his respect at the best father and king. King Gagon died in year 176 during The Month of Ice, at the age of 61 during an unmarked, forgotten war.

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