Lead: Kaardocia

Born: 119

Died: 158

Ruled: 134-158


King Hayen was the brother of king Danforth and the cousin of King Gagon.He was born in the year 119 during the Month of Ice. He was the third king ruling of the pair. He took the throne at 15, and felt that he wasn't ready to rule a nation. He was given the royal protecter Zapdos. He was humble, very modest and felt like the throne didn't need him because Gagon and Danforth were strong. He believed that Kaardocia needed only two kings. In year 144 at the age of 25 he was put in charge of Kaardocia's army and it was at that moment that he saw why Kaardocia had called for three kings, to split the responsibilites when all three were ready. Hayen had one rule during his time leading the army, no retreat no surrender. This proved to be an effective rule during the Thirteen Years War. In Year 158 during The Month of Winds however, Hayen was surrounded by the enemy and he was killed along with his soldiers. He was 39 at the time of his death. 

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