The Deknac were the third on King Gagon 's Native Campaign. They often raided Paeken lands for food and supplies and are the same tribe as The Eu'Mira. Unlike their sister tribe they preferred arrows and spears over peace talking. At one point they almost starved to death during The Month of Great Floods when the water destroyed their crops. During the Native Campaign Pardossa's navy(Now controlled by Gagon) had chosen not to destroy the Deknac temple because of a strong presence. They were able to fight off the powerful land soldiers for 2 weeks before surrendering and being executed. 

"These natives, called the Deknac I think, weren't all that tough to beat. Yeah maybe it took us a little over two weeks but only because the cowards chose to hide underground! Ha! We burned their city down but we couldn't bear destroy their temple, there was something about it that we couldn't take apart. Instead we named it The Pillars of Life because of the miracles that were done there." - Unknown soldier

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