Kings- Istlian Council, Unknown

Allies- The Eu'Mira, The UnknownThe Ka'vaDakThe Deknac

Government: The Accemos Federation

Army: The Paeken Reserve


The once great kingdom of Paeken now lays in ruins. It was destroyed during The Thirteen Years War and was abandoned shortly after. Not much is known about Paeken, its people enjoyed peace and it was a fast growing kingdom, with a great community. During the pre-Thirteen Years War era, Paeken had been holding a secret hoping it wouldn't spread to The kingdom of Kaardocia. Kaardocia had mobilized to attack the natives of Naiees, causing Paeken to reveal they held a secret to protect the natives. During the final days of war, Kaardocia's army surprised the Paeken army and the kingdom was forced to surrender. The castle and its land was ransacked shortly after and then abandoned. The ruins are still around today, to show of Kaardcia and Pardossa's power.

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