The Respiron is a Kaardocian only rebel group in the region of Naiees. The group believes that the only way to have order and peace in the region is to go back to the barbaric ways of the Old Kaardocian Order, the first government type of the kingdom of Kaardocia. Members of the group are typically the worst of the citizens, usually being outcasts or those found socially unacceptable. They are referred to as the extremists of Naiees, being known for taking hostages and killing families in their homes. As a way to fund their war on government the Respiron has taken to selling the illegal drug, Kea, and selling better quality weapons to soldiers, sometimes killing the soldiers to retrieve and sell the weapons again. Members of this group are jailed then killed if caught. 

Government Type The Old Kaardocian Order

The House of the Originals

The House of A-Volx 

The House of Qea

Leader Penkal Hael
Second in Command Dessac Faasel

Varke Waamak

Lekam Temce

Active Members

The House of the Originals: 67 Members

The House of A-Volx: 23 Members

The House of Qea: 300 Members

Imprisoned Members 2 Members
Most Notable Members

Keajas Oerala

Caole Dek

Members Wanted For

Illegal Weapons Sales

Extremist Actions


Damage to Goverment Property

Kea Sales

Currently there are three houses that make up the Respiron faction.

The House of the Originals: The House of the Originals dedicates themselves to studying the Kaardocian Originals of the Old Kaardocian Order. They follow the Originals scripture, learning every word of the first Kaardocian document. The strictest of the three houses of the Respiron, it was agreed on that the House of the Originals would be the new worlds council.

The House of A-Volx : The House of A-Volx is the religious house of the Respiron society. The members of this house study the A-Volx holy book, memorizing every words from front cover to back cover. The house was originally put in charge of the council, but has since been teaching their people the A-Volx way.

The House of Qea: The House of Qea is the military house of the Respiron. This house is responsible for recruiting members to the other houses, waging war against the goverments of Naiees and illegal drug and weapon sales. The leaders of the Respiron intend to use this house as the military of the new world.  

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