Capitol: Kaardocia

Lead by: Paeken

Founded: Year 122

Disbanded: Year 148

Cities Joined: Kaardocia , Paeken , Pardossa , Red Coast  , Halovan , Naosa, Istle


The United Cities Committee was founded in the year 122 by Istle. Its role in Naiees was to keep the peace of the region at all costs. Meetings were held in the Kaardocian established headquarters in castle Kaardocia. The members of the council would look over any requests from city leaders and approve or deny them, depending on the urgency of the request. The United Cities Committee had promised to keep the peace in Naiees but never could keep the natives from attacking cities. The committee had been around for 26 years before finally being disbanded in year 148 by Istle. New laws are in place restricting any city to create an organization like the United Cities Committee again.

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