Not much is known about these people. All that is known comes from the notes Eldridge's soldiers had written. They were a fierce, strong people who allowed their children to join their warriors at a very young age, unlike the civilized kingdoms who allow their men to enlist in the army at the age of 17. There is now spoken statements from Farehaven's leader stating that the people of Farehaven  are decendants of the Unknown. The leader however believes that the world doesn't deserve to know about these mysterious people and their culture due to the injustices done to their people by Eldridge and Agrilang. 

"These last few nights have been the worst of the damn war, we thought the enemy at Dracheon was bad but these natives are far worse. We lay in camps prayering they don't sneak in and slit our throats. We hope that each passing day we don't end up being those that were captured. I saw them sacrifice a couple men, I nearly threw up on account of how they were viciously gutted." - Unknown Soldier

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