Kings- The Originals, King Kalem, King Antev, King Vamil, King Gorl, King Jalm, King Remn, King Danforth (formerly), King Gagon, King Hayen, King Renrs

Allies- Pardossa (formerly), Halovan

Governments- The Old Kaardocian Republic, The Kaardocian Republic, The New Kaardocian Order

Army- The Kapomak

Police- The Halious


The kingdom of Kaardocia was founded before time was recorded. The Originals led Kaardocia's people to a spot far from other settlements to keep a policy of isolation. The people of Kaardocia loved to go to war as they saw war a way for boys to become men and for men to prove themselves. Every year on the first high tide, the kingdom would throw a parade during The Month of Festivity to celebrate another year of good harvest, with a grand dragon show. This celebration stopped however when the last dragon died while flying through a blizzard. Every other half year villagers visit the dragons old home, to remember the dragons that once helped create beautiful colors in the night sky. Kaardocia and Pardossa are responsible for the destruction of The Unknown, The Ka'vaDak, The Deknac and The Eu'Mira.

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